Hello there! I promise I haven’t left y’all high and dry concerning how to make the background for your Giant Dahlias. It’s in the works I do solemnly promise! I have been working this week on a tutorial about how I create custom quilting fabrics by ice dyeing with Procion dyes. Fabric dyeing has become a second passion for me and I soooo want to share with you how fun it can be. And messy. And frustrating. And fun. Most of all FUN! One thing I do need to tell y’all is that I’m not a professional blogger. I just love to teach others about what I love and hope that somewhere along the way, I can help light a creative fire under someone. I also work a full-time job as well as being an insane quilter. That keeps me fairly busy during the week. I do promise that we will cover the Giant Dahlia background very soon!