I hit my stride this weekend. I’ve been dyeing more book examples and lots of She’s Got Mojo T-shirts. I want to put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence but those can be easily over-used, so I won’t! gotcha! We have had a busy weekend so far. Rescuing some baby birds, hauling in 120 lbs of ice. The guys at the liquor store sure looked at me funny when I went back in today for a second round of 60 lbs. Every tub, colander, strainer and container is in use down here in the mad lab. These dyes will be in glorious Autumn colors, several brights and some cool Caribbean blues. I have had such a wonderful experience while creating examples of the dyes for “the book”. By the way, the book release date will be in July of 2015 and I am doing my best to make it a colorful journey into creating your own specialty dyes for quilting from little bitty to huge! You’ll learn how I create my patterns, tips and tricks to get some really cool effects and several quilt patterns that you’ll be able to use your gorgeous dyed fabrics to create. I am very excited to share my love of fabric dyeing with you all! Woops, I just used another ! I hope there isn’t a limit because having a lot of ! in your life is a good thing.ImageImageImage